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Thursday, October 28, 2010

My first Post...well

I started and deleted this blog a few times. I am an avid appliquér I just love historical quilts.  Stitching in the seems of our fore quilters is an amazing journey.  I have learned so much patience and creativity from recreating their masterworks.  Quilts are so much more than blankets they are pieces of a quilters life.

Like most quilters I have so many projects in various stages.  I have collected a wonderful collection of fabric that will keep me stitching and creating for many years!  I have a love of sewing machines from vintage to a longarm machine which brings me a little bit of income.

The Civil War bride is my latest project.  Corliss from Threadbear of Autralia is my currant quilt designer.  She takes historical quilts that are epic and turns them into amazing pattern!  I have purchased three.  I am working on the Civil War Bride,  Her are the first two blocks completed plus the third block the bride in progress.

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  1. That quilt is stunning...I am sure that you are enjoying the blocks...I love applique too. I am glad that I am the first follower...It is going to be fun to see your beautiful work!