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Friday, November 5, 2010

Those sneaky UFO's --Just like Tribbles!

It’s amazing how quilters can build a huge quilty to do list!  Mine is a little out of sorts right now so I think It’s time to address it just a little!  First I need to make a quilty list of things I want to get done, Trust me its far to long to list everything so I will try to break it into parts so I can reduce it a little and make some type of Dent! I think I will start with 12 projects and come up with a way to finish them. My quilty list in no particular order of importance: 
  1. CWB ~  The Civil War Bride almost 4 blocks done
  2. Birds of Feather ~ Working on Borders
  3. Elizabeth Pride ~ Working on block 14 then the center and ready to finish in December.
  4. Celebration ~ Old ufo need to applique and piecing the setting triangles
  5. Lizzie May ~ Another BOM making the sawtooth blocks
  6. Elegant Garden ~ All applique 15 blocks done
  7. GSS ~ Putting the last rows on now should be ready to quilt soon, pictured below.
  8. FWS ~ Farmers Wife Sampler Bom working on blocks 53-60
  9. Hot Shakespear in the Park~ Hot Bright Pink batik quilt lots cut out 
  10. My Pink Support quilt ~ Need to set it just so torn about how too.
  11. Web sampler ~ Got 8 blocks made
  12. The Patriots Quilts ~ Gifts for friends simple rail fence design 
Wow, six of those are major applique projects to pluck away at. I also not on the list are my tops to quilt~ I need to quilt one of those each week and fit binding in there too. What a pile! Oh my those darn Tribbles, where did they come from.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Bride Block

I just finished my third block for the Civil War bride Quilt and so far each block is so much fun to do and so creative!   

I think its time to organize some of my quilt projects. I have so many wonderful works inn progress like this spectacular quilt I am just finishing up came from my on line quilt group  I have one more row of sawtooth stars to add.  This was a six month swap where each month we swapped out blocks. The great thing is even though we swapped out the same blocks our quilts are very individual!