Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How to make a Tee Shirt Quilt, Part One

Supplies needed.
25 tee shirts. (Can be less just think of a grid this one will be 5 by 5)
Cutting Matt
Rotary cutter
12.5 inch square ruler
10yards Pellon light fusible interfacing
2 yards cotton fabric for sashing
1/2 yard for cornerstones
2 to 3 yards for borders
6 yards for the backing
1 package queen size cotton batting

Wash all your shirts and cotton fabrics.

Choose the side of the shirt you wish to have showing in your quilt, lay them folded in a grid pattern like this,  once you like the layout take a picture! You will use this as a guide when you sew them together.

Now cut the front from the back along all the sides. Once cut apart lay the shirt facing down on the ironing board. Cut about a 14 inch square of the fusible interfacing.  Most shirts except for dark ones you pretty much see the print on the front so you can center the fusible and press it to the shirt. It's really important to make sure fuse it really well.

When cooled take your shirt to your cutting board, place your square ruler over the shirt. Cutting around the square.  Most shirt designs will fit with in the ruler.( This ruler is actually 13 inches.)
Here it is cut. Repeat until all your shirts are fused, cut and trimmed. 

Next lesson I will show you how to cut the sashing, and sew the top together!