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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Christmas in July

UHG! Really, Christmas! Well when it's a hundred degrees outside its hard to think of snow. Why not? I have a great snowflake pattern perfect for those Christmas quilts. Here is the special, $60.00 for any quilt up to 90 inches! Only in July. Just email me for details with snowflakes in the header. Easy peasy.

Don't forget my quilt contest. It is moving slow but I know I can give away some quilting, I just need 100 comments.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Contests: Get Free Quilting!

Lately my quilting business has been a little slow. Maybe it's the dog days of summer? I thought it would be fun to give away free quilting. But I need a quilter to give it too! Soooo, here's the plan leave a comment below why and what you need quilted, if I can get 100 unique comments, I will pick one to quilt free. Only limitations is the quilt can not be over 90 inches. So here's a great chance to reduce your UFO pile. If in the meantime you need something quilted give me an email you will be surprised how affordable it can be. Leave an email so I know how to contact you or email me with your comment number and I will record your entry that way. Don't forget to follow me:)